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About Us

Elon wants humans to be “ multi-planetary creatures “.

Our team started Elon Musk Vision with one mission. We did not want humans to be “ multi-Elon-websites users”.

We want to simplify your browsing by letting use only ONE website and be able to follow Elon Musk and all of his accomplishments.

For this, to work we built a website that displays all news, not only the news that are favorable for Elon.

We had a big emphasis on creating a community, so, you are able to create your own forums, upload your own multimedia and chat live with other registered members. You can also create your own Avatar, and we made sure that you could view Tesla stock and Elon’s tweets in real-time.

We have put a lot of time and effort into making this website interactive with the hope of creating a community that will welcome real discussion, and help resolve problems a register member might have ( by answering question on a forum or maybe even answering it “live” via chat).

We do realize that the website will not be perfect and therefore we WANT you to use the “suggestions “ tab on the website to let us know how we can evolve and help grow this community.

The world is changing. I told my kids that it would have been great to know Mahatma Gandhi or Albert Einstein and follow their accomplishments but truthfully we are better positioned today. Because of the advancements in communication, we can actually follow the evolution of Elon Musk genius.

Let’s look at it, learn from it, and debate it….

About Us

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