Tesla model Y. Is it possible to make a performance edition from a long range model?

Hey everyone, I'm a new Tesla owner so I might be making some pretty big mistakes that aren't immediately obvious to me. This morning I went to charge at the Supercharger nearby (Brescia, Italy), and I saw that car was charging more slowly than usual. Slightly alarmed, I checked the Tessie app and saw that the Power graph showed a sawtooth pattern, with an average of 58 kW, peak of 74 kW, but with intermittent spikes of power and absence of power, instead of a continuous charge. Could it be due to a faulty charger? I was using the regular CCS Combo 2 port cable directly from the station, without any adapters, if that makes any difference.

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  • emv
    May 19, 2023


  • Optimus
    Apr 07, 2023

    The charging power is never continuous. It usually starts real fast and slows down as the battery gets fuller

    • ajayliet
      Apr 05, 2022


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