Tesla Cybertruck launch to deliver only 10 units, sparks controversy

Tesla Cybertruck launch to deliver only 10 units, sparks controversy
Published November 20th, 2023 - 10:11 GMT
ALBAWABA – In a surprising turn of events Elon musk announced that the much-anticipated tesla Cybertruck launch  on November 30 will see a limited delivery of just 10 units this revelation has stirred controversy, especially considering the over 2 million pre-orders placed by eager drivers who now face a staggering 1.5-year wait for their Cybertruck  Despite the grand unveiling planned for November 30, Tesla's Cybertruck will hit the market in a remarkably limited quantity of 10 units. This scarcity echoes past challenges faced by Tesla during model launches, such as the Model 3, where only 30 models were delivered initially, limited to company employees. While the exact number of Cybertruck deliveries remains unconfirmed, insider sources suggest that the company is prepared to deliver a mere 10 units initially. This scarcity has become a common theme for tesla, rising questions about the company’s production and delivery capabilities   Javier Verdura, Tesla’s Product design director, recently urged patience from those awaiting caber truck deliveries. The revelation comes at the time when approximately 2 million drivers anxiously await their turn for the highly anticipated electric pickup. Elon musk, in a recent statement, disclosed that achieving a weekly production rate of 5000 units for Cybertruck would require an 18-month wait. This projection places the Caybetruck’s production capabilities at the anticipated level only be 2025 
Despite initial skepticism and mockery surrounding its unique design, the Cybertruck has garnered significant interest, accumulating nearly 2 million pre-orders. However, the downside for these enthusiastic drivers is a prolonged wait of approximately 1.5 years for their Cybertruck delivery, adding a layer of anticipation to the already much-debated electric pickup.
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